The Services I Offer You

Comprehensive and complex point of view at problems or questions (psychological counselling and psychotherapy). 

Deep, calm and refreshing relaxation with professional support (relaxation, imagination, hypnosis). 

Training and educational seminars concentrated on varied themes (e.g. Work-Life_Balance; stress and coping, mental and work hygiene, communication skills, 
asertivity, self-development, time-management, coaching, conflict management...). 

Psychological assessment

Neurorehabilitation by software NEUROP-III. 

On-line counselling (e.g. via emails or Skype). 

Coaching and Supervision - individual, group and team coaching/supervision; for companies, sport clubs etc. 

I offer you psychological services comply with the EU/USA professional and ethical standards. I have no contracts to insurance companies, so I would offer you every services in absolute secrecy. 

The rate / Expenses on one session (one-hour meeting) starts from 0 CZK (for Erasmus students at Masaryk University) ... through 750 CZK (35€; 40$) ... till 3.500 CZK for coaching/managers (150€; 150$).

Places of Personal Meeting:


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